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  • 13-52. Forty Stories

    By Harper Perennial

    Last year, after twelve stories,
    we took temporary leave.
    We owe you thanks,
    for your patience.
    We also owe you stories.
    Here they are.
    Forty new pieces of work,
    some rich, some strange,
    all surprising.
    Taken together,
    they fill me with awe.

    Click the image
    or link at right
    to download
    this collection
    to your device as a PDF.

    On July 17, we’ll also make Forty Stories available as an ebook through all the major retailers.
    For free, for good.

    Thank you for waiting. And enjoy.

    Click here to download.

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    • mwschmeer

      Wow! How unexpected! Thank you! I’m downloading teh PDF, but I really want the epub for my Nook Simple Touch.

    • Wintersun

      Thank you so much! Simply awesome – and kind.

    • SA

      This is awesome. Thanks so much. I really missed you guys. :)

    • Adetokunbo Abiola

      Great intiative!

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    • Cynthia

      Like finding a food in a basket on your doorstep, this is a pleasant surprise. Thank you.

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    • http://twitter.com/MarkPritchard Mark Pritchard

      Let’s see if I understand. Someone started a project called “52 stories” and bought a URL. After releasing 12 stories, they stopped for unknown reasons. Now, as if getting a monkey off their back, they release “the other 40″ implied stories. Man, that must be a relief! The rest of that internship will be a piece of cake!

    • http://twitter.com/JoyceDadePHOTOS Joyce DadeArtPhoto

      Great Summer Reading and Free! Thank you so much for this. I hope your summer is wonderful and that you find your way down to Coney Island beach for the fireworks, they are great! and so are you all at Page-Turner! http://joycedade-photography.blogspot.com

    • martyh

      It’s July 17: What’s the status on the ebooks for Kindle, Nook, etc.? Just checking….

    • Dr. Siddharth Das

      Wow ! Unbelievable… but true!! Guys thanks a ton. Bless u all.

    • Karanpal Singh

      You made my summer complete. Thanks.

    • sarvjeet

      somebody….please tell me where i can find free adventurour novels..send me a link at
      thank u..

    • YayGirl


    • george sawyers

      thank you

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