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    Teddy Wayne

    14. Therese Says

    By Teddy Wayne

    Therese says, “I wonder how long it would take to swim to the moon in a spacesuit.”
    Therese says, “Between you and me, I’ve never really liked my younger sister.”
    Therese says, “I once fucked five men in a twenty-four-hour period.”
    Therese says, “Sometimes I cry at diamond commercials.”
    Therese says, “I once thought I’d be a softball player, until I got cut from my varsity team, and I never played again.”
    Therese says, “So I joined the cheerleader squad and quit after four months.”
    Therese says, “I’d trust him as far as I could throw him.”
    Therese says, “One score and seven years ago I was born unto this sorrowful world.”
    Therese says, “Once in a while I miss my father, but not too often.”
    Therese says, “I’m not the type of girl to ask if this makes me look fat, but does it?”
    Therese says, “The majority of my dreams revolve around death by asphyxiation.” . . . Read More.

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