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    Jonny Diamond

    34. The Collected Notes of Gary, 3C, to the Unnamed Tenants of 4C (June 9-Oct 6, 2003)

    By Jonny Diamond

    June 9

    Dear 4C,

    Hi! Welcome to the building. This is Gary from 3C, right below you (I can hear every move you make . . . Ha ha, joking). So, we have a great little building here and I’m sure you guys will make it even better—just don’t try to sneak any cats in (ha ha, joking, I’m sure you won’t). Anyway, look forward to meeting you in the hall . . . Or just come say hi!
    Gary, 3C


    June 23

    Dear 4C,

    Hey, guys, I guess we still haven’t run into each other. You know you can always come down and say hello! Anyway, I hope the building’s treating you right. Me and Mrs. Katchoulourian from 2A are playing whist tomorrow night on the roof, and you’re welcome to join! See you there?
    Gary, 3C


    July 1

    Dear Emily and Joe,

    I intercepted the mailman to get a peek at the names of the mysterious inhabitants of 4C, just so I didn’t have to keep addressing you by your apartment number (my cousin tells me I’m a bit of an amateur Jessica Fletcher!). Anyway, look, I hope everything’s okay up there . . . What was that last night? It sounded like you guys were dragging around a freezer full of ribeyes! I know stuff happens, but if you could keep things a little quieter after 11pm, I’d appreciate it. Gary needs his beauty sleep!

    Gary, 3C

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